The Dickinson Family is strongly committed to supporting organizations and community projects in the region.

We believe in giving back unselfishly to our community, driven by the desire to help those in need.

C.C. Dickinson Giving Circle
John L. and Maude H. Dickinson Fund

For seven generations we have been investing in our community, both personally with our time and efforts as well as financially. These combined efforts help aid in the enrichment of the lives of all residents and provide needed supportive services to aid in the development and positive growth of our community.


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Sharing 200 years of salt-making in the Kanawha Valley

Kanawha Salines Foundation

The Mission of the Kanawha Salines Foundation is to educate the public about the history of the Kanawha Valley salt industry and its social and economic impact upon the valley, including the use of slave labor and its impact upon those enslaved people and society.

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Learn about how our family got it's start in the foothills of West Virginia