Our Mission is based on the strong family values passed down through generations. Stewardship, patience, integrity, loyalty and responsibility to our community guide us through our daily decision-making.


We create opportunity for current and future generations of our family and our community through education, engagement and wise investments. We enhance our legacy by being ethical stewards of the land, respecting and building upon the entrepreneurial spirit of our Dickinson ancestors and through the thoughtful and deliberate contributions made to our community. 


We aspire to remain vibrant, relevant and cohesive by continuing to honor our shared family values and our unified family identity for another 200 years.

Mary Price Reath

Chairman of the Board, C.C. Dickinson Family Holdings

Mary Price Reath works together with the greater C.C. Dickinson Family to create and develop opportunities for education, entrepreneurship and community service in the Kanawha Valley. Born in Richmond, Virginia, Mary Price spent much of her childhood in and around the Charleston area. Currently she resides in Annapolis, MD with her family where she works as a Landscape Designer. Mary Price is honored to continue to serve the Charleston community by playing an active role on the boards of several companies rooted in the Kanawha Valley.

Nancy Payne Bruns

Chairman of the Board, John L. Dickinson Family Holdings

Nancy is a 7th generation native of the Kanawha Valley and follows in the footsteps of her Dickinson ancestors to lead the family businesses with integrity and commitment to community. She revived the family salt business with her brother in 2013 and serves as the CEO of J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works. She lives in Charleston where she is active on community boards.

Shawn Atkins

Account Manager, SD, LLC

Stan Backus

Vice President

Terry Elkins

Land and Timber Manager for SD, LLC

Donnie Holcomb

Board of Directors, Dickinson Fuel Company

Dustin Lanning, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, Dickinson Fuel Company

Steve Platz

President & CEO, Dickinson Fuel Company

Kim Rogers

Accounting, Dickinson Group

Scott Stansfield

Vice President, Quincy Coal Company

Lynn Thornton

Chief Financial Officer, SD, LLC

Eddie Workman

President, SD, LLC

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